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Creative play with typography is one of the most significant trends in the world of contemporary web design. Would you like to dive into this game and could you use some inspiration? Check out our selection of Google fonts combinations, which we've chosen based on their aesthetic qualities as well as their functionality, of course.

Jindřich Krausz of Grandhotel Pupp: Our strategy is to build on tradition

Perhaps no hotel in the Czech Republic has such a rich and fascinating history as the grandhotel Pupp. The crown jewel of Karlovy Vary, which annually accommodates the stars of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and where Napoleon also stayed, has undergone both a visual and strategic transformation in recent years. What is new in Pupp?

MEWS' George Barker: Hotels are more than just a place to stay

Mews is a Czech startup that provides accommodation establishments with a system for managing reservations, receiving payments, handling guest requests or dealing with the complete management of the hotel, including staff. In order to do their job in the best possible way, they need to keep a good overview of everything that is happening in the hospitality industry and what current trends need to be taken into account.

Prototype as a way to quickly validate ideas

Prototypes are a convincing result of your work and their presentation determines the success of the contract. Learn how to create prototypes effectively.

Skanska Reality: all available apartments are now sold via the web

Skanska Reality represents a connection between the multinational construction and development giant and the end users of one of its products - the current and future residents of the apartments that Skanska has built or is currently building. Through its new website, the company's philosophy, completed and ongoing projects are to be well presented. And as a progressive player in the real estate market, it needs the right resources to do so.

How to improve the recruitment process with the help of a professional career website

How to achieve the smoothest and most efficient recruitment process? On the road to the ideal employee, the key is to target the recruitment campaign correctly, attract the right candidates, provide sufficient information and save time by setting up automation of sub-processes. For this, a functional career website is essential.

How to create an unbeatable landing page

One of the biggest obstacles to communicating with today's internet users is their fragmented attention span. Important messages, therefore, need to be simplified as much as possible, clearly formulated, and cleansed of all unnecessary stimuli. This is where a landing page can be of great help.

What is lead generation

Lead generation is the process of acquiring the interest of potential customers for your business in order to increase future sales. 

Complete tutorial: a great introduction of services on the web

Learn to present your services on the web in a way that converts visitors into customers and presents you as respected experts.

Product-Market fit

Find out what is the main reason for the collapse of new companies in the market and avoid such a scenario.

3 ways to use the Image block to bring your content to life

An image is a block with lots of possibilities. Get to know the options of its settings, they will help you to create attractive content.

Complete instructions for a great product presentation on the web

Do you want to present your products on the web in a way that evokes emotions, creating a strong connection with people? Find out how to do it.

Connecting the website to newsletter systems

Email marketing can help you get a new order and build a long-term relationship with your customer. Connect the right newsletter system to the solidpixels website and make the most of email marketing.

What is a landing page

A landing page is a separate website that directs a visitor to a single conversion action. Learn to create them quickly, functionally and efficiently.

How to prepare your website for GDPR

What does GDPR mean for your website? Clear and easy to understand guidance with practical examples

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