Inspiration and tutorials for a better website

How to achieve the smoothest and most efficient recruitment process? On the road to the ideal employee, the key is to target the recruitment campaign correctly, attract the right candidates, provide sufficient information and save time by setting up automation of sub-processes. For this, a functional career website is essential.

How to create a great landing page

One of the biggest obstacles to communicating with today's internet users is their fragmented attention span. Important messages, therefore, need to be simplified as much as possible, clearly formulated, and cleansed of all unnecessary stimuli. This is where a landing page can be of great help.

Product-Market fit

Find out what is the main reason for the collapse of new companies in the market and avoid such a scenario.

What is a landing page

A landing page is a separate website that directs a visitor to a single conversion action. Learn to create them quickly, functionally and efficiently.

Web Forms

Forms are a very essential element of performance websites. Learn how to use them to get leads and fulfill your website's core objectives.

Automatic image optimization

Marketing automation