Sales performance

People look for legal help mainly on the internet. How to build a website that turns them into your clients

The process of finding a lawyer or law firm is happening more and more online with each passing year. Today, almost 80% of new clients use the internet to find legal help. What exactly do they consider when making their choice? What should a contemporary professional legal website look like? And what about the trend of an informal online presence?

How to create a website

Websites are a crucial part of today's business, whether it's a start-up or a personal portfolio. Read our detailed guide on how to create a website in a few hours with solidpixels.

Why startups should (not) build their own websites

Startup beginnings are full of twists and turns. You've put a lot of hope, effort and sometimes a lot of money into your project and you need to push it on all fronts to scale it quickly. But product development eats up all your team's capacity and there's virtually no time for anything else. How do you avoid the situation where your team's attention is fragmented by the need for your own website, how do you avoid frustrating your marketing teams and save time and money?