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People look for legal help mainly on the internet. How to build a website that turns them into your clients

The process of finding a lawyer or law firm is happening more and more online with each passing year. Today, almost 80% of new clients use the internet to find legal help. What exactly do they consider when making their choice? What should a contemporary professional legal website look like? And what about the trend of an informal online presence?

12 trending Google fonts combinations that will make your website stand out from the crowd

Creative play with typography is one of the most significant trends in the world of contemporary web design. Would you like to dive into this game and could you use some inspiration? Check out our selection of Google fonts combinations, which we've chosen based on their aesthetic qualities as well as their functionality, of course.

How to create an unbeatable landing page

One of the biggest obstacles to communicating with today's internet users is their fragmented attention span. Important messages, therefore, need to be simplified as much as possible, clearly formulated, and cleansed of all unnecessary stimuli. This is where a landing page can be of great help.

Skanska Reality: all available apartments are now sold via the web

Skanska Reality represents a connection between the multinational construction and development giant and the end users of one of its products - the current and future residents of the apartments that Skanska has built or is currently building. Through its new website, the company's philosophy, completed and ongoing projects are to be well presented. And as a progressive player in the real estate market, it needs the right resources to do so.

First steps

Working with pages and web structure

Learn how to work with the structure of your site, add and edit pages in the menu.

Creating content using blocks

Blocks are the basic building block of a site on solidpixels. Using the drag & drop method, you simply drag the block to the desired location.

Choosing the right design

The first step in setting up a website is choosing a design. If you know according to which features to decide, choosing the most suitable design is a simple task.

Creating and structuring content using sections

Creating content using sections will speed up your work. Find out what sections have to offer and how you can work with them.

Advanced content

Creating and managing a blog

Learn how to add a blog to your site and how to create and manage individual articles.

How to use links

The link feature allows you to add any link to selected blocks on your site. Thanks to it, website visitors have the opportunity to access different pages, external URLs, files you have uploaded, or you can directly link to your e-mail or phone number.

Creating links using anchors

Anchors are links which lead to a specific part of the same page. Learn to use anchors and how to create them.

Before launch

How to link the website to your domain

A solidpixels website can be easily connected to your own domain. Learn the steps required to do it.

Adding your own logo

There is a place for a logo in every design. Add your own logo in text or graphic form.

Basic blocks

The Text Block

The Text block allows you to insert any text on your website. Using this block, you can create headings, paragraphs, lists and other forms of text.

The Image Block

Using the image block, you can include different types of images on your website.

The Gallery Block

Thanks to the gallery block, you can insert groups of images to your website and display them neatly in one gallery.

Advanced blocks

The Form Block

This block allows you to create forms, which can be easily adjusted according to their desired function.

The List Block

The List Block allows you to clearly list chosen entries, such as articles, events or e-shop products.

The Code Block

The Code block allows you to insert third party code to your website. Thanks to it, you can create for example calendars, tables, pop-up windows etc.

Website settings

Invoicing and payments

Where to find information about your current plan, download an invoice, or extend your site.

Connection of analytical tools

Use the ready-made integration to connect analytics tools and start collecting data on visitor behavior on your site.

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